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Water Restoration Addison IL

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When water damage starts happening it shows no mercy. Whether the cause is a burst pipe or basement flooding, it can damage and warp construction materials commonly found in homes. Notably, damage is probably already occurring by the time you notice signs of water leaks. Working with Water Restoration Addison IL professionals to identify the source of the problem and repair it is important to avoiding even more damage. Some of the red flags to watch for if you’re concerned about water intrusion in your home are:

Stains on the Walls and Ceilings
Ring marks on the ceiling, stains on the drywall, or walls that are warping are all telltale alerts you’re looking at water damage. These stains probably mean that a serious leak is coming in and the water either collected or stayed inside the walls long enough to leave stains.

Water Restoration Addison IL

Water Restoration Addison IL

Musty Odors
Sometimes you will be able to detect problematic moisture leaks before they become visible. Musty smells can be signs of contained moisture or mold growth. If you notice unusual odors in your house and they are getting worse when it rains, you’ll want to call a Water Restoration Addison IL company that specializes in professional mold remediation.

Condensation in the Windows
This one is somewhat less typical in houses, but if you do notice it, be sure to address it promptly. When condensation is building up inside the windows, that means there is excessive moisture levels in the air reacting to the temperature differences in the house.

Once it reaches a certain level, condensation becomes a concerning issue. Unfortunately, it can mean that water is getting trapped within your walls, or is regularly seeping into your house at other entry points. It is best to contact a Water Restoration Addison IL company to evaluate the situation soon after you spot the condensation forming.


Feels Too Humid Indoors
Comparable to when condensation forms inside the windows, humidity in your home or workplace is generally another indicator that moisture is present. It’s that noticeable sticky, warm feeling that even your AC system can’t seem to resolve. It
can indicate your house might be taking in air via poorly sealed openings. And when openings are letting the outside air come in it also means water can get in.

Even a minor leak can result in some major problems. If it seems sticky and stuffy inside your home recently, get in touch with Water Restoration Addison IL experts from America’s Best. Our technicians can make sure your air conditioner system is working reliably and that any leaks can be thoroughly cleaned up fast.

Puddles and Leaks After a Severe Storm
This might seem fairly obvious, yet most any homeowner has been there. Following a storm, you may notice some slight leaks or flooding in your house, usually in the basement. It’s not a pleasant issue to contend with, but it is important to take action soon. Leaks and areas of standing water are sure warning signs that water intrusion is happening. Even when it dries quickly, its presence along means that damage is taking place on the walls or floors.

The Sooner You Call Us, The Sooner We Can Help

As soon as water starts leaking into areas where it shouldn’t be going, damage is already taking place. The sooner you call a Water Restoration Addison IL expert, the more assistance they can provide. Catching and repairing water damage rapidly is the only way of preventing mold from developing and spreading. If you observe any of the signs we review on this post, be sure to call America’s Best Restoration Co. quickly!

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