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Water Mitigation Addison IL

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Water damage is quick and relentless. Once it starts happening, it can warp and degrade common building materials used both in homes and commercial buildings. Working with a Water Mitigation Addison IL company to find the source of the problem, start extraction and fix it fast is important so the damage doesn’t get worse.

You should contact America’s Best Restoration Co. for water damage restoration if you see:

Stains on the Walls and Ceilings
Ring marks on the ceiling, stains and soft areas on drywall, and warping of your floors and walls tell you that water damage is happening. Water stains are a warning that a potentially major leak is going on, because the water either pooled or stayed inside the walls long enough to leave the stains.

Water Mitigation Addison IL

Water Mitigation Addison IL

Leaks can start and continue for a while before those unsightly stains appear. Once they do start to show, parts of your home could already be compromised. That’s a big reason why, for safety purposes, it is important to contact a Water Mitigation Addison IL company right away.

Musty, Moldy Smells
Your nose knows! In some situations, you will be able to smell problematic water issues even well before there are visible signs of it. Musty and damp odors can be early indicators of trapped moisture in walls or mold growth.

If you notice these odors and they seem to be stronger when it rains, you’ll want to call our Water Mitigation Addison IL company. We also specialize in mold remediation services. You will probably need assistance with both, which is why it is to your advantage to work with a full-service company from the start.


Our company for many years now has been helping clients who have been through the stresses and challenges of water damage get back into their homes. Just some of the benefits to choosing an established company like ours that specializes in Water Mitigation Addison IL rather than going it alone are:

The Proper Tools and Equipment

The longer it takes to clean up all that excess water and thoroughly dry your house, the more damage there will be. While you may have a couple of box fans or perhaps a dehumidifier that functions well, but they aren’t made for drying carpet and walls. Although they may help somewhat, they would take far longer to do effective drying than using structural dryer dehumidifiers and high-volume, powerful fans. Water damage repair and restoration companies use truck-mounted pumps to remove water quickly.

Experienced and Well-Trained

Another advantage of choosing a water damage restoration company is the training that their employees receive. Although you might be handy, removal of excess water requires some experience and expertise. Most restoration company specialists go through specialized training in excess water removal and also structural drying. This ensures they will to dry out your living spaces safely and dependably. Not only does this prevent further damage and save your walls, floors and furniture, it also helps to limit the overall cost too.

Licensed, Insured and Authorized
Most who work in Water Mitigation Addison IL services receive certification by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The organization sets the standards for the practices of the restoration industry. Though requirements may vary in each state, our specialists maintain the specified certifications they will need in your local area. In order to become certified, restoration specialists must take classroom and also do hands-on training before passing a written examination. They also take part in continuing education and industry training to retain their certification.

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