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Water Extraction Services Addison IL

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For the most part, water damage to residential (or commercial) property is quite obvious. If excess amounts of water gets into your home from a burst plumbing pipe, flooding in the basement or natural disasters like severe thunderstorms, you will definitely notice it and the problems it causes. However, this is not the case for every homeowner. Water damage and can unfortunately sneak up on you as you least expect it and create an emergency situation!

As unwanted moisture creeps into your living or work spaces, you might initially be unaware of the ongoing damage it is doing. There may be, for instance, a slow leaking plumbing pipe concealed behind a wall or an out-of-sight leak coming in through the roof. Moreover, the problems water can cause is not always readily apparent to the eye – instead it could be happening under baseboards and beneath floors. Nonetheless, when this occurs, there are some signs to watch out for so you can detect water damage and know when you need our services.

Water Extraction Services Addison IL

Water Extraction Services Addison IL

Following a water damage event such as a leaking water heater, burst pipes, heavy storm damage from rain or clogged sewer lines, it is critical to act fast and start the Water Extraction Services Addison IL process. It is a process that usually gets started with an inspection and then concludes with restoring home and commercial sites back to their initial condition. Choosing a trustworthy and experienced service provider like America’s Best Restoration Co. can minimize the burden and emotional stress for residential and commercial property owners.

The restoration process generally comprises:

-Inspection and damage assessment. Water Extraction Services Addison IL professionals from our company will come to your location to perform a detailed inspection. We will utilize specialized equipment such as hygrometers and moisture detectors to help us detect how much moisture damage repair work will be necessary.

-Water removal. The next step is usually Water Extraction Services Addison IL. Standing water will continuously cause problems for your residence, causing ongoing deterioration. That’s why it should definitely be removed as fast as possible.

-Dehumidifying and drying. After the physical extraction of water from your living spaces, our water damage restoration team the initiates the all-important process of dehumidification. We use high-quality, industrial air movers to effectively dry out any items and materials that still contain moisture. (Or, that may have been too difficult to access during the Water Extraction Services Addison IL.


-Sanitizing. A comprehensive, professional cleaning is applied to preserve as much of your home as possible. At America’s Best Restoration Co., our experienced personnel are trained in best practices and put a priority on safety and meeting sanitization requirements.

-Thorough restoration. As part of this procedure, our water restoration team make every effort to return your residence to its pre-flood condition. Any permanently damaged materials will be repaired if possible or replaced. Due to the nature of water intrusion, restoration projects might be relatively simple or quite extensive. It depends on the severity of the damage that has taken place. In some scenarios, restoration may entail fairly straightforward repair solutions like carpet cleaning or patching and replacing drywall. In others, however, the restoration is labor-intensive and calls for complete reconstruction of areas of your residential property or commercial building.

Regardless of the situation you are in, do not hesitate to call on America’s Best Restoration Co. for speedy and reliable assistance. As a locally-owned company we take pride in helping our customers get back into their homes as soon as possible. When you choose us for Water Extraction Services Addison IL, you’ll benefit from excellent customer care and prompt restoration services that get excellent results!

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