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Water Damage Addison IL

Water Damage Addison IL

Water Damage Addison IL can wreak major havoc on your Chicagoland area home, resulting in structural problems for the roof, siding and more as well as the spread of mold and other headaches. To help you protect the investment you’ve put into your home, it’s helpful to recognize what can cause water damage to occur and how a professional restoration provide like America’s Best can help you.

Plumbing Problems
We’ll start with one of the most common causes of Water Damage Addison IL. Burst or leaking pipes, sewer system backups and malfunctioning plumbing fixtures are all potential culprits when it comes to water damage. Corroded, aging pipes are especially vulnerable during the winter when water freezes and then expands.

Leaky Roof
When a roof sustains storm damage or it was not installed properly, it can permit rainwater to penetrate through and seep into interior spaces of a home. It’s common for roof leaks to go unnoticed up until water marks or mold growth becomes visible inside.

HVAC Problems
A faulty heating or air conditioning units can leak a lot of water if its condensate drains are clogged or otherwise damaged. Lack of maintenance or improper installation of HVAC systems also can contribute to significant Water Damage Addison IL problems.

If this occurs, homeowners should promptly enlist the reliable services of a restoration company like America’s Best. Our technicians can accurately assess the extensiveness of the damage and apply appropriate repairs.

Some of the techniques we use to restore homes that sustain major Water Damage Addison IL:

Water Extraction
A common initial step in the water damage restoration process is to extract standing water from the impacted areas with the use of specialty equipment like vacuums, pumps and dehumidifiers. Our restoration service technicians receive training in the safe and efficient extraction of water to stop further damage and prevent mold growth.

Water Damage Addison IL

Moisture Detection
In addition to water extraction, our team can apply advanced equipment for moisture detection such as moisture meters and infrared cameras. These help us locate concealed areas of moisture that can form within walls, ceilings and floors.
Moisture detection is critical for ensuring that all areas affected by water damage dry properly.

Structural Drying: Once standing water is removed, the affected area is thoroughly dried using air movers and dehumidifiers. Professional restoration technicians monitor moisture levels closely to ensure that the drying process is completed effectively and efficiently.

Mold Remediation
A common result of Water Damage Addison IL is mold growth. This is especially true in areas with a prolonged exposure to moisture. Professional restoration technicians employ specialized practices and equipment to remove mold stop it from recurring. These can include antimicrobial treatments, HEPA filtration and encapsulating affected surface areas.

Need Professional Roof Repairs? Call America’s Best

If there are roof leaks occurring at your home from water damage, a professional restoration company like America’s Best is available to conduct a roof inspection and suggest repairs that will identify the source of the leaks. This might in some cases involve replacement of damaged shingles, repair of the flashing, or the sealing of cracks and gaps in the roofing materials.

Repair or Replace Appliances
America’s Best can assess and fix damaged appliances or effectively coordinate with your preferred appliance repair provider to address malfunctions that caused water damage. In the event that the appliances are beyond repair, replacement will be necessary.

Flood Cleanup
In the unfortunate that flooding causes significant water damage to your property, our restoration team specializes in flood cleanup services. This may entail water extraction, mold remediation, drying and restoration of your home’s interior living spaces.