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Broken Pipe Elmhurst IL

Broken Pipe Elmhurst IL

A Broken Pipe Elmhurst IL can be a major problem for homeowners in terms of water damage and it’s certainly for valid reasons. A burst plumbing pipe can wreak significant havoc, resulting in extensive damage to your ceiling, walls, floors, subfloors, furniture and lots more. If a water pipe bursts in your home, knowing who to contact is essential. On this post we’ll go through a few of the reasons why plumbing pipes break, what you can do if it happens, who to call and how you can mitigate water damage to your home while help is on the way.

A variety of factors can cause a Broken Pipe Elmhurst IL such as:

Corrosion is definitely a natural enemy for aging pipes. Those that are made of steel, which was pretty standard in homes constructed prior to 1970, need regular maintenance and thorough cleaning to avoid corrosion and resulting issues.

Tree and Plant Roots

If your residence is in a wooded area, it’s important to keep problematic tree roots a good distance away from your plumbing pipes because they can constrict and even cause water lines to rupture. This is not always as easy as it may sound because tree and plants roots have a natural tendency to grow and expand in the direction of water.

Even a relatively minor leak in an underground pipe can soon act like a magnet for close by tree roots.

Collapsed Pipe

In some instances, natural environmental changes will cause a pipe to collapse.

If there’s new construction occurring near your property, for example, the movement and weight of the equipment can cause underground soil to shift. That in turn can put extra pressure on your plumbing pipes.

Freezing Temperatures
Freezing can obviously be a significant problem for plumbing systems. Frozen pipes are among the most common typical causes of water and property damage in regions like Chicagoland with cold weather. Regardless of what causes your Broken Pipe Elmhurst IL, it’s helpful to know how to mitigate the damage that can happen afterward. In the event you have a burst plumbing pipe in your residence get in contact with:

Broken Pipe Elmhurst IL

A Plumber
Many licensed plumbers are available with 24/7 emergency response services. Call your local plumbing profession and explain your situation. Detail what is happening and inform them you’re facing a plumbing emergency.

Your Building Manager
If you own a condo or rent an apartment, the building most likely has someone who serves as the manager. The manager will need to be informed about your Broken Pipe Elmhurst IL since flooding is potentially dangerous and can be damaging to high-rise structures where water can reach several floors.

Your Local Fire Department

If you are not able to locate your shut-off valve or cannot reach other sources of assistance, get in contact with your local fire department. When it comes to a broken pipe they will usually come in, shut off the water and try to control the flooding taking place in your residence, apartment, or condo.

Your Insurance Provider
Many homeowners’ insurance policies will typically provide at least some coverage for water damage that results from a Broken Pipe Elmhurst IL.
However, in some circumstances they may not cover the expense of getting the pipes fixed. Call your insurer and give them a description of the damages to your residence. Be sure to let them know you have contacted a plumber and that you will be contacting a restoration company like America’s Best.

Ask the insurance agent if they will schedule an inspection by an adjuster right away. Follow the same procedure If you are renting the home and carry renter’s insurance.