Locally Family Owned and Operated

Our Family has been doing projects in the Chicagoland area for many years.  Our entire family has a roll in the company and we love it!  Mike Sr.’s dream took this company from a small home business to where we are today.  Mike Jr. is our most talented project manager who makes sure that your project meets our family standards.  Rochelle makes sure that the office is running smoothly and works as an advocate for our customers and insurance adjusters if any issues should arise.  You can even find Mike’s wife Roxanne and Rochelle’s husband Eric around the office helping in any way that they can.  We have also hand chosen staff members that respect our standards and company goals.  You should have comfort knowing that our family is looking out for your best interests.  Don’t choose the big corporate engine, choose our family team for your next project!

Proud to be a born and grown Chicago company!


Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, this is a brief breakdown of how we operate.


We’ll thoroughly inspect your property while informing of what to expect during the entire process.


We’ll work directly with both property owner and insurance representative to aid confidence in both parties.


Lastly, we’ll send our team of trained professionals to quickly and effectively fulfill all work previously discussed with both parties.